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TAYA is a hybrid technology, integrating aspects of process and biochemistry found in intensive systems, while maintaining the low maintenance and operational costs associated with wetlands. TAYA technology replaces heavy electro-mechanical wastewater treatment systems, by attaining the same effluent quality at a significantly lower cost.

The TAYA model calculates pollutant loads, oxygen transfer quantities, retention times and sludge yield (just like activated sludge). The design of the wetland incorporates the filling and draining of subsurface flow basins. The fluids are pumped from one side to the other using a proprietary pumping arrangement, maintaining the lowest energy consumption possible. This unique arrangement is highly efficient, and removes the need for sludge handling in the long-term.

Combining anaerobic pretreatment with an intensive, yet cost efficient TAYA wetland, provides a winning solution for clients interested in proven technology and compelling economics. To learn more about our wetland systems or to set up a meeting, please contact us.